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How do I buy it? How do I get LumenCache in my project?

Primarily we sell through dealers and distributors to have local, trained talent there to get the job done quickly.  With the release of ReNetA in late 2023, the Plug-and-play nature of the product will dramatically reduce the need for such detailed training.  This allows DIY installs or installs where there is no local dealer experienced with the product.

Fear not, Custom Installers and Electricians–most people don’t want to install their own wires and lights.  It’s best left to skilled trades who know all the tricks to rapidly and reliably pulling, tipping, and testing Cat5 wires.

ReNetA will be sold primarily through distribution and large direct accounts who have the buying power needed to make the large minimum order size and subsequent Tier-1 discount.  Dealers with consistent monthly sales can benefit from Tier-2 pricing with attainable volume requirements.  All Tier-1 and Tier-2 orders must be in Case Quantities and are ordered and tracked through the Wholesale portal. Custom Builders who have their own installation crews can receive Tier-3 (or Tier-2/1 if they qualify for the minimum order size) pricing.  All Tier-1,2,and 3 programs require certification using this site.  See the Certification Program for Volume Purchase Partners.

Homeowners and other DIY’s can purchase individual parts through the ReNetA.Lighting website.  These orders may be fulfilled by a local dealer authorized to support DIY customers, or our 3PL partner.  Note that all support for DIY orders will flow through the public support forums and the monitored Service forums.  Regardless, we’re always here to help and see your project as another success example!

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