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What is a Fault Managed Power System (FMPS), or Class 4 Power?

Class 4 Power, also known as Fault Managed Power Systems, allows you to safely transfer higher loads across significant distances. This new classification opens up possibilities for an abundance of Power over Ethernet applications as well as improving the safety of all power distribution inside homes and buildings.  LumenCache confirms the device at the end of the wire is compatible before is sends main power over the wire.  Our workhorse LED drivers use constant current controller chips that have short circuit protection, over-voltage protection, and usually a few more fault detection features.  If there’s a fault, they default to safety state first, then allow you to try again after inspecting the cause of the fault.  More advanced driver cards will even self-diagnose and report exactly what the cause of the fault was and how to resolve the issue and get back to being happy.

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