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Review Design
It's always best to start with a plan. Here's what to look for before starting installation.
Prewire involves routing and pulling wires from the panels to the lights, switches, and devices, as well as wiring from main AC or DC power sources to the panels.
Trim and Basic Commission
Trim Phase includes connecting lights and switches, grouping lights into zones, pairing switches to lighting zones, configuring occupancy sensors, and assigning keypad/touchpad button actions. Cleaning and trimming the panels. This is usually the last step required for final inspections.
Accessing via Wifi and Basic Controls
Accessing via Wifi, naming devices and zones, connecting to home wifi, controlling lights, testing switches and sensors.
Installing ReNetA
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Because the switches in ReNetA are simply command buttons, they are all the same model.  You don’t need to buy and stock separate dimmers and switches, worry about dimmer compatibility with LED drivers, or search to find compatible dimmable LED drivers.

Dimming is easy:

Hold the Bottom button to Dim and release at the desired level
Hold the Top button to Raise and release at the desired level
When you dim a light zone, ReNetA will remember your dim level setting preference, called the Resume Level.

When the light is off, pressing the Top button will return to the Resume Level–the last dimmed setting before it was turned off
When the light is at a dimmed level, pressing the Top button will set the level to full On level
When the light is fully On, and the bottom button is pressed, the level will resume to your dimmed setting
When the light is at a dimmed level, pressing the bottom button will turn it Off
So therefore, a double Tap on the Top button will set the light to 100%, and a double Tap on the bottom will always turn the light Off completely.

This sequence can be modified.  See the Configuring Advanced Setup course.

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