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Review Design
It's always best to start with a plan. Here's what to look for before starting installation.
Prewire involves routing and pulling wires from the panels to the lights, switches, and devices, as well as wiring from main AC or DC power sources to the panels.
Trim and Basic Commission
Trim Phase includes connecting lights and switches, grouping lights into zones, pairing switches to lighting zones, configuring occupancy sensors, and assigning keypad/touchpad button actions. Cleaning and trimming the panels. This is usually the last step required for final inspections.
Accessing via Wifi and Basic Controls
Accessing via Wifi, naming devices and zones, connecting to home wifi, controlling lights, testing switches and sensors.
Installing ReNetA
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To attach a common Edison E26 screw-in bulb fixture to the SIB, connect the Black (“Hot” in AC world) Wire to the LED+ terminal on the SIB, and the White “Neutral” to the LED- terminal on the SIB.

When using a SIB with two LED- terminals like the Generic CCT SIB (it has Warm- and Cool- terminals), use the included jumper wire to connect the Warm LED- and Cool LED- together, then connect the LED- wire to the Cool LED- terminal and the LED+ wire to the LED+ SIB terminal.

For convenience, there are solder pads underneath the SIB PCB.  Unscrew the Phillips screw in the middle of the PCB, solder the wires as shown, then return the PCB to the case and reattach the screw.  You can wrap the wire around the screw boss to provide strain relief or use a retaining screw in the hole near the end of the SIB.  Don’t forget to add the Warm-/Cool- jumper wire either at the screw terminal or via the solder pads below the PCB.

(solder pad photo)

(jumper photo)

If you can not fit the SIB case inside the electrical box, it can be removed, then attach the double sided foam block under the PCB, aligning the holes with the parts on the PCB to reduce the chance of a short occurring.  For additional protection, wrap some electrical tape around the SIB and foam block to ensure it stays in place over its lifetime.

(photo of foam block)

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