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Light may not be important while sleeping, but bedrooms are used for far more than just lights-out time.
Baths are both functional and rejuvenating. Let the light be a part of the solution.
More than just work surfaces, kitchens are multi-purpose spaces, so the lighting should be just as versatile.
Living Rooms
Time to relay, meet, or have family activities. The living room is multi-purpose.
LumenCache Lighting Design with inspiration from David Warfel: New Builds Course
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The Perfect Porch Light

If I could only choose one light to install on my porch, I would choose a fixture that pushes most of its light to the ground to keep me, my family, and guests safe. I would choose a fixture that casts a soft glow outward, just a tiny amount of light that reaches out to the sidewalk to help us feel comfortable and welcome. And I would choose a fixture that puts absolutely no light upwards into the sky.

And one more thing…

I find it difficult to choose just one hard-wired lighting solution for each space, which is the point of this entire series. Why? Because great lighting needs to be the right light in the right place at the right time. That usually results in multiple layers of light, each serving a unique purpose. So if I had a chance to do one more layer of light on my porch, I would add in a series of steplights to illuminate the path to the front door and along the porch itself. These lights put light down for safety and the right step light can keep the sky darker so you can see the stars. 

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