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LumenCache Introduction 2023-03-16
Presentation about the key concepts behind LumenCache.
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Eager to dive in and make things work? You came to the right place and brought the right product. ReNetA is super fast to setup.
ReNetA Introduction
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Step 1: Connect an AC to 48VDC Power Supply to a PowerPlane.  The connector is keyed to fit only the correct orientation.  The Power Plane does not require an enclosure.

Step 2: Plug in the AC power Cord.  It’s ok, ReNetA modules are designed to be hot-swapped.

Step 3: Place a PDM over the upper-left keyhole pegs on the PowerPlane, and slide it to the left into locking position.

Step 4: Connect a Cat5 wire between one of the Ports and a Smart Interface Block attached to the light.  Use either RJ45 port on the SIB.

Step 5: Insert a Constant Current Function Card into the socket above the port you plugged the Cat5 wire into.  If the driver type matches the light type, the indicator light on the driver will be a dim Green, indicating everything is ok.

Step 6: Connect a switch to the other port on the light SIB using a Cat5 wire to the back of the switch.  Use either port on the switch.

Step 7: Press the top button on the switch to turn the light on, and the bottom button to turn the light off.

Step 8: High-five’s all around!  (optional, but customary)

Extra Credit: Plug in another light after the switch or between the first light and the switch.  Plug in additional switches.  Multi-way switches are a snap.

A flashing yellow indicator LED shows the attached light requires a different type of function card: they are incompatible.  A solid red indicator light indicates the function card has failed.  A flashing red light  with n flashes means the device at position n has a fault.  So, 2 red flashes means the second device connected to the port has a fault.

Bright green indicates the light is On.  Hold the bottom button on a switch to dim the light(s), and the green LED will follow the dimming level.

If you walk away from the PowerPlane, all the LED indicator lights will turn off.  Don’t worry.  There’s no sense wasting energy on indicators when nobody is there to see them!  As you approach the PowerPlane, it will happily greet you and show the indicator lights.

Advanced: Plug in another light and driver to the port adjacent to the first port, without a new switch on the second port, and you’ll notice the system assumes they are in the same zone and will control together.  If you connect a switch to the second port, the second light will be controlled separately by that switch.

See Configuring Zones for instructions how to configure any switch to control any light(s) and zone.

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