System Design and Wiring
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Connects to lights in place the of the AC LED Drivers and makes connecting the CAt5 RJ45 jacks easy as clicking in the wire. SIBs also communicate with the Function Card they in the PDM they are attached to and confirm compatibility at the most basic level. Some SIBs may even include digital odometers, advanced fault detection, and more. The LumenCache star logo represents “the ability to see through the wires”, and the SIB is the device that responds to that conversation. A compatible device will confirm it is ok and the PDM will enable the main power to the Function Card. This is what makes all LumenCache products “Plug-and-Play” and exceptionally safe.

Switches and Sensors with RJ45 jacks have the SIB function built in.

To attach a common Edison E26 screw-in bulb fixture to the SIB, connect the Black (“Hot” in AC world) Wire to the LED+ screw terminal on the SIB, and the White “Neutral” to the LED- screw terminal on the SIB.

ReNetA SIBs have an indicator light that will glow for a few minutes when first connected to the wire indicating it is powered, and will blink when performing some identification functions. After the timeout, the indicator light will go out. The indicator draws a tiny bit of power, which is not a big deal, but billions of them would power a small city if left on, so…indicators off when no one is around to see them!

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