System Design and Wiring
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We believe lighting control should be as easy and intuitive as the common light switch.  So ReNetA light switches look and work just like simple wall switches.

But why hide the fact that it’s a powerful and smart lighting control system!  In this case, Smart is even easier than traditional AC light switches. With ReNetA, switches are simply buttons that tell the system that you want to turn On, Off, Dim, or Raise lights.

Buttons can also recall Scenes: groups of lights each at a pre-set level, but that’s for another chapter…

A typical decora-shaped light switch has two buttons: Top and Bottom.

Let’s review the operation of the light switches in their default mode:

  • Turn On: Tap the top to turn on the light
  • Turn Off: Tap the bottom to turn off the light
  • Raise Level: Hold top button
  • Dim Level: Hold bottom button
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